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The NHL series from Electronic Arts has prided itself on bringing the authentic hockey experience to your living room. NHL 11 proved to be a hardcore hockey-sim fans wet dream, but left the average sports gamer and the younger crowd in the dark. EA rectified this by releasing the more accessible NHL Slapshot. Does accessibility translate into mindless and bland gameplay? There are several game... Read Review

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NHL Slapshot Producer Trailer

The above video highlights the basic features of NHL Slapshot for the Wii. The title is the first foray for EA Sports and the NHL series on Nintendo's current home console. NHL 2K was previously the only Wii friendly franchise... this year, the Great One looks to give 'em a run for their money. 2K11 will only be available on the Wii, and they're looking at strong competition from EA's NHL Slapshot. Curiously enough, is this the first hockey title from EA without a year somewhere in the name? Hit the break for more... Read More


EA Announces NHL Slapshot For the Wii

EA Sports announced NHL Slapshot today, a Wii-only hockey game featuring the Great One, aka Wayne Gretzky, on the cover and in the game as a player. The game will arrive on September 7 in North America, the same day that NHL 11 is scheduled to hit store shelves for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and it's being developed by EA Canada, the team behind NHL 10, , and FIFA 10. NHL Slapshot will be EA's first NHL game made for the Wii, and will come a hockey stick peripheral that is 21-inches long and which EA says will revolutionize video game hockey. Will the peripheral be a waste? And what differentiates Slapshot from NHL 11? Hit the break to find out. Read More


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