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Making its Xbox 360 console debut, NHL 2K6 introduces Crease Control(tm), a new gameplay feature that allows players the opportunity to control the goalie in ways never before possible. Created with the help of Dallas Stars All-Star goalie and NHL 2K6 cover athlete Marty Turco, this breakthrough goaltending interface allows gamers advanced control as they can switch to the goalie's point of view and alter their positioning based on where the puck is played. As the opponent shoots the puck, the game goes into a dynamic slow-motion action perspective where the player must position the goalie's save cursor in the right location to stop the shot. This exciting feature provides gamers with the experience of an NHL goaltender, delivering responsive controls and dramatic goalie save animations. NHL 2K6 for Xbox 360 redefines the virtual NHL experience with unparalleled visuals, including incredible ice reflections featuring real-time ice degradation complete with ruts and spray, new net physics with animations for every goal scored, high-resolution player models and a fully 3D crowd in highly detailed arenas. NHL 2K6 also incorporates all the new NHL rules, as well as most current rosters available with the latest big transaction players and hot new rookies.

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