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NHL 12  - 848205

NHL 12 Review

EA Sports has seemingly perfected the way they handle digital hockey, almost the same way that they’ve taken care of nailing down the sport of foot Read More

NHL 11 Screenshot - 866538

NHL 11 review

NHL 10 bedazzled us last year with its unmatched realism and genuinely fun gameplay, proving that EA Sports had finally accomplished the unthinkable, Read More


Sports Sunday: NBA 2K11 to Feature Press Conferences

It seems every sports game these days allows players to create a star and lead them from the minors to the pros. Whether that be through the NHL, NBA, MLB, pro and college football, or soccer, it's a fixture in sports gaming, and an addictive one at that. I've spent countless hours building up my player's statistic through gaining skill points and I've loved feeling like a pro. But, there's always been something missing. I've always wanted to truly embody what it's like to be a pro, and NBA 2K11 is bringing players slightly closer to that point.    NBA 2K11's My Player mode is adding post-game press conferences.    Read on after the break to find out more.     Read More


Sports Sunday: NHL 2K11\'s Road to the Cup Mode

The 2K series has always felt more arcade-like than EA Sports' NHL series. Last year's NHL 2K10 featured great stadium graphics, and realistic-looking player models, but it was an experience made for fans of fast-paced, unrealistic hockey. It was a much more arcade-centric game, so it appealed to one type of hockey fan while EA's NHL claimed the sports fan interested in a more realistic game.  As a result, the Wii is really the perfect place for NHL 2K to land. The first developer diary, which can be seen above, highlights the game's Road to the Cup mode.    Is 2K moving in the right direction with this type of gameplay? Hit the break to find out what we think.   Read More


Ryan Kesler Hams It Up for NHL 2K11

There isn't much to say about this video, other than that it shows a bit of what NHL 2K11 will look like on the Wii, and it features some awesome acting talent from Ryan Kesler of the Vancouver Canucks (who's the cover athlete for 2K11) and Jack Johnson of the Los Angeles Kings (a divisional rival). The trailer is really a skit set in a bus that 2K Games will be driving around the country, showcasing NHL 2K11 and allowing players to get their hands on the new title before it arrives exclusively on the Wii. The trailer's highlight, though, is undoubtedly the sparse bits of gameplay we get to see. Check it out above, and then find out why it's going to be a good year for Wii sports fans after the break. Read More


EA Sports Releasing NBA JAM and NBA Elite 11 on Oct 5

For those of you out there who cannot wait for some sweet, early 90s NBA action you are in luck. Well, that is if you posses the self-control to contain yourself until October 5, which is when EA Sports' NBA JAM will be hitting store shelves. That gives fans of the JAM series a few months to dig out their parachute pants and Ace of Base records to bring in the re-90s in style. On the same day, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 gamers can get their HD basketball in the NBA Elite 11 variety. Read More


NHL Slapshot Producer Trailer

The above video highlights the basic features of NHL Slapshot for the Wii. The title is the first foray for EA Sports and the NHL series on Nintendo's current home console. NHL 2K was previously the only Wii friendly franchise... this year, the Great One looks to give 'em a run for their money. 2K11 will only be available on the Wii, and they're looking at strong competition from EA's NHL Slapshot. Curiously enough, is this the first hockey title from EA without a year somewhere in the name? Hit the break for more... Read More


EA Announces NHL Slapshot For the Wii

EA Sports announced NHL Slapshot today, a Wii-only hockey game featuring the Great One, aka Wayne Gretzky, on the cover and in the game as a player. The game will arrive on September 7 in North America, the same day that NHL 11 is scheduled to hit store shelves for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and it's being developed by EA Canada, the team behind NHL 10, , and FIFA 10. NHL Slapshot will be EA's first NHL game made for the Wii, and will come a hockey stick peripheral that is 21-inches long and which EA says will revolutionize video game hockey. Will the peripheral be a waste? And what differentiates Slapshot from NHL 11? Hit the break to find out. Read More


Take-Two Announces NHL 2K11 Wii Exclusivity

We heard rumors that NHL 2K11 had been cancelled, but the series will live on this season on the Wii. Recently, many developers have been moving away from platform exclusivity, but Take-Two is heading in the opposite direction. During a conference call with their investors, Take-Two revealed that the game will appear exclusively on the Wii. They also stated that it will not be released prior to the next hockey season to allow for more development time for the 2K12 installment, but is that the only reason? Read on to hear Take-Two's reasoning. Read More