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Sports Sunday: NHL 2K11\'s Road to the Cup Mode

The 2K series has always felt more arcade-like than EA Sports' NHL series. Last year's NHL 2K10 featured great stadium graphics, and realistic-looking player models, but it was an experience made for fans of fast-paced, unrealistic hockey. It was a much more arcade-centric game, so it appealed to one type of hockey fan while EA's NHL claimed the sports fan interested in a more realistic game.  As a result, the Wii is really the perfect place for NHL 2K to land. The first developer diary, which can be seen above, highlights the game's Road to the Cup mode.    Is 2K moving in the right direction with this type of gameplay? Hit the break to find out what we think.   Read More


Red Dead Redemption Shakes Up the LIVE Charts

For a game that many thought would be a complete miss in the world of consumer reception, Red Dead Redemption has been doing very well. It's been in short supply at retailers and it's received all sorts of critical fanfare. Though there are still those among us that always viewed Red Dead as a definite home run. The results for last week's Xbox LIVE activity have been posted by Major Nelson. Red Dead Redemption isn't exactly where must gamers thought it would be. Hit the break for more... Read More


New NHL 11 Screens Show Off Improved Animation, Taylor Hall, Tyler Seguin

A few days ago EA Sports released a whole host of images showcasing NHL 11's gameplay and the spiffy new addition of the CHL. Prepare yourself for an in-depth examination of changes (and unfortunately for anyone who isn't a Bruins fan, a lot of Taylor Hall images). Little is known about NHL 11 at this point other than that it will feature a revamped physics engine, broken hockey sticks (as witnessed in the first screen released) and the CHL. However, we can garner a lot of information from the screens that have been released. Read More


Nintendo Promises Improved MotionPlus Support

When Wii MotionPlus launched in June 2009, enthusiasts immediately realized what the Wii's technology was now capable of, and these abilities were shown off in releases of Wii Sports: Resort and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. After the initial games that launched with MotionPlus, support for the new-fangled extension began to slack, even into 2010. All hope is not lost, though. Other sports titles undertook the new technology, including ,i>NHL 2K10, and fishing, tennis and golf releases. A huge, upcoming third-party title, Red Steel 2 looks to take motion-controlled gaming to a new level, but besides that we don't have a huge look into 2010. Other than Red Steel 2, we haven't seen much. At Nintendo's Media Summit, we only saw one title announced to be Wii MotionPlus compatible: FlingSmash. Hit the cut to find out why Nintendo's Reggie still thinks MotionPlus has "tremendous support." Read More


Take-Two Announces NHL 2K11 Wii Exclusivity

We heard rumors that NHL 2K11 had been cancelled, but the series will live on this season on the Wii. Recently, many developers have been moving away from platform exclusivity, but Take-Two is heading in the opposite direction. During a conference call with their investors, Take-Two revealed that the game will appear exclusively on the Wii. They also stated that it will not be released prior to the next hockey season to allow for more development time for the 2K12 installment, but is that the only reason? Read on to hear Take-Two's reasoning. Read More


Oh, Canada; You Have an Exclusive Xbox 360 Elite Halo Bundle Now Available

Some good news has popped up for Canadians hoping to get into the spirit of Xbox 360 this holiday season, as Microsoft has announced a new Canadian-exclusive Elite bundle featuring games from their smash hit franchise, Halo. The bundle, said to be available now, includes a 250GB Xbox 360 Elite console, two black controllers, a matching black 360 headset, and copies of Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. All this can be yours for $399.99, which a Future Shop breakdown reveals is about $100 in savings. NextGen Player notes that this is the third such exclusive console to hit north of the border this year, following an earlier Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox 360 bundle in April and NHL 2K10 Wii bundle in September. Read More


NHL 2K10 - 360 - Review

The funny thing about sports gamers is that we want it all when it comes to our favorite sports titles. We want a robust single-player game but we al Read More


Nintendo Reveals First- and Third-Party Holiday Lineup

Nintendo has released the planned publishing schedule as it stands for the Wii and Nintendo DS/DSi, from both themselves and their third-parties. A lot of definite dates are not set in, instead referenced as "Fall," "Holiday," or "November," for example, but nonetheless serves to give us an idea of what the coming months will bring. "This extensive lineup will keep players busy throughout the fall and into 2010," said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. "Shoppers know that Nintendo offers fun for everyone in the household." Nintendo also mentions the upcoming black Wii Remote, Nunchuk, and MotionPlus as being available "this holiday season," though they don't get any more specific than that. Hit the jump for the full press release and list of games that will become available. Read More


NHL 2K9 - 360 - Review

There were many things that went through my mind while playing NHL 2K9, and many ways I had planned to intro this review. But when it came down to it Read More