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NHL 13 is EA SPORTS' 2012 release in their long-running National Hockey League Sports video game franchise. Packed with new and improved functionality, the game is designed to both delight longtime fans and convert new ones as they take to the ice in one of the fastest games on earth, and battle for the right to hoist the coveted Stanley Cup aloft. Game features include, a more authentic replication of the explosiveness, momentum, and speed of NHL play, new online game modes, improved AI, multiplayer action, improved goalie abilities, online leagues, and more.

NHL 13 Review

NHL 13 might be the only hockey game we get this year with the NHL’s ongoing lockout situation. With that said, NHL 13 is a big improvement over last years iteration, featuring a new skating engine and plenty of game modes. EA Canada has shown the ability to produce amazing hockey games as owners of the game for multiple years can tell you. NHL 13 really stands out above the rest due to its new skating physics, also known as “true performance skating.” With these physics, players start and stop more realistically and have to use acceleration to get going. If you’re using a bigger guy like Chara, you have to keep in mind that it’ll take him longer to get to top speed. Agility also matters in this year game, as the more you deke, the slower... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for NHL 13.