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The exciting hits and stellar plays are back with all-new NFL Blitz. Featuring a combination of the arcade-style gameplay that made the original a hit and the deep, immersive game modes of today, NFL Blitz is recharged with an energetic, football gaming experience. Whether battling your rival in a 7-on-7 grudge match, fighting your way through a season of the Blitz Gauntlet, or taking over the online Battle Boards in Blitz Battles, Every Game Is a Two-Minute Drill with NFL Blitz.

NFL Blitz Review

Football games are way too damn serious these days.  Sure, they’re entertaining, but some players may not be prepared for the onslaught of statistics and simulation rules that both Madden NFL 12 and NCAA Football 12 bring.  So it’s nice to see EA Sports lighten up a bit and bring back a gridiron game that refuses to take itself seriously – NFL Blitz. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Midway originally released Blitz in the arcades back in the 90’s, including such over-the-top antics as players catching on fire and ridiculous hits that would send a normal person to the hospital.  As it did with NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, EA Sports retains most of the energy that made the original game click, while adding some new features that... Read Review

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    Robert Workman Jan 17, 2012