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New Zealand Story Revolution will be an accurate re-telling of the timeless 1988 original. Starring Tiki, a plucky Kiwi bird, the gameplay revolves around him rescuing his kidnapped friends from the clutches of a nefarious leopard seal. The setting for each of the game

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Expert Mode

Unlock Nintendo DS

Rescue every Kiwi by beating each level and boss. If you have used warps, you may need to go back and replay certain levels.

Doing this will unlock expert mode, a more challenging playthrough in which you play as a red Tiki and are able to rescue Bub and Bob.

Level Warp

Unlock PCNintendo DS
On level 2.4, stand at the entrace to the room where the giant octopus is located and fire to the right a few times. A warp will appear that will take you to the beginning of level 3.1.