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New Super Mario Bros. U is a new, side-scrolling adventure featuring Mario, Luigi, Toad . And your Mii character! Now's your chance to step inside the Mushroom Kingdom and explore new worlds, new power-ups and new ways to play.

New Super Mario Bros. U Review

The debate whether the New Super Mario Bros. series actually bring something new to the table, instead of just rehashing worlds and power-ups is still going strong to this day. Both sides have a valid point. Aside from a few new power-ups and mechanics, these 2D platformers are very similar to one another. With that said, Nintendo always strives to put something new into the game, to satisfy those looking for a little change, and those hoping the platformers stay the way they are. New Super Mario Bros. U certainly brings in a host of new features that will undoubtedly make those wishing for a little change much happier, while preserving the platforming bliss that Nintendo has so masterfully crafted over the years. It's almost pointless to mention any sort of story at this... Read Review

New Super Mario Bros. U Cheats

Flagpole Secrets

Hint Wii U
Fire Flower Last 2 digits equalling 33 or 44
Ice Flower Last 2 digits equalling 55
Star Last 2 digits equalling 88 or 99
Super Accorn Last 2 digits equalling 77
Super Mushroom Last 2 digits equalling 11 or 22
Tiny Mushroom Last 2 digits equalling 66

If you touch the flagpole and the last 2 digits match (11, 22, etc.), fireworks will appear. The number of fireworks depend on the last 2 digits. 11 is 1 firework, 22 is 2 fireworks and so forth.

Earn all five stars on your profile, and you can visit Toad Houses repeatedly without them becoming inactive (previously inactive Toad Houses will become accessible again).

Finish Story Mode, and "Quick Save" will be replaced with "Save" on the start menu for the overworld. You can now save at any time from the overworld--not just after finishing important levels.

Upon completing the game once and unlocking Superstar Road, the Propeller Hat and Penguin Suit power-ups [from New Super Mario Bros. Wii] are made available from the Toad Houses located there. Once obtained, they can used in any level in the game.