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Feel the rush of discovering tons of coins in brand new coin-rich worlds with the new Gold Mario, gold pipes, gold Fire Flowers, new block head Mario that transforms enemies into coins, and while challenging your friends in the new Coin Rush Mode. Can you get one million coins?

New Super Mario Bros 2 Review

Nintendo is at again. New Super Mario Bros. 2 is yet another revival of the classic 2D Mario style. The game delivers great platforming gameplay, rich and colorful style, enjoyably quirky music, and a fresh new emphasis on coin collection. But when you strip away all of that, what you're left with is a lot of the same Mario side-scrolling we've seen all too often. The novelty has, for all intents and purposes, worn almost entirely thin. That said, it's absolutely impossible to deny the fact that Nintendo has once again crafted an expertly designed 2D platformer. It would have been fitting if New Super Mario Bros. 2 revisited the land of Subcon, starred Shy Guys and Birdo as primary enemies, and featured weapons such as onions and pumpkins that you could pluck from the... Read Review

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