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On the first day when you do not have the Main Engine yet, press A by the base of the rocket. The screen that normally appears if you stood in the pool of light on any other day will be displayed. Alex Beharrell.
When you have a bridge built by the Pikmin, the bridge eaters will try to eat the bridge. Wait until they get close to eating it all the way, then hit them to the side. Some will keep eating the bridge. Note: Before you do this, make sure that you do not have to use the bridge again. Michael Iglesias.
When you are selecting a level you can make the ship fly off the map by moving the Analog-stick very quickly. Xinofie.
Note: The number of Pellets may vary if the enemy has a ship part. FITZSIMONS.
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If you whistle at burning Pikmin, you can usually put the fire out. Basketballboy935.
Press Down and Olimar will lay down. If he has any Pikmin with him, five of them will carry him to the Onion and the rest will stay behind. Zachary Parker.
Go to any area. Once you gain control over Olimar, immediately go to sunset. Since there were no events during the day, Olimar will write about the background of the game in his diary. It will not appear at first, but keep doing it. Note: Do not save the game to avoid wasting days. The diary will give you information such as where he is from, about his family, about the Pikmin, etc. Note: This will not work if you are on the first or last day in the game.
To see the pages where Olimar had written his discoveries, press Y on the area selection screen. The Ultimate Gamer.
Start a new day, then take out a few Pikmin. Take them directly to the enemy, and start fighting. If you encounter anything on your way to the enemy, this trick will not work. As soon as you start the fight, pause game play and select "Go to Sunset." If there is nothing else special about this day, Olimar's log entry will describe the enemy. After the log entry, at the title screen, choose "Don't Save" and then "Continue From Last Save" to avoid wasting a day. This does not always work, for example if this day was also your first day in a new area, you discovered a new color of Pikmin, or something similar. Zachary Parker.
This trick is very helpful in fighting Pearly Clamclamps and Emperor Bulblax. If you want to throw Pikmin very rapidly, to do a lot of damage, press A rapidly while also using the C-stick to make the Pikmin swarm around Olimar. There will always be a Pikmin handy for Olimar to throw every time you press A. Zachary Parker.
If you are in a battle and 50% of your Flower Pikmin die, run away and make your Pikmin feel alone. Then, take three Leaf Pikmin and put them in front of your enemy. Get the rest of your group and watch them die. Then, continue and your Flower Pikmin will most likely win. brenna804_baird.
Repeatedly blow your whistle at Pikmin to drag them up onto land. Ryan Parvin.
When you have to build the bridge from both sides to get the part for your spaceship, you may lose a lot of Pikmin from the frog that is there. Leave your Pikmin in their "Onions" when you begin and go over to kill the frog. It will be easier and safer for your Pikmin to build their bridge. The Ultimate Gamer.
On day 15, before you get any parts in the Distant Spring, take some Blue Pikmin into the water near the Onions. Eventually, you will find a round island surrounded by smaller, stick-shaped islands. This is on the lower area of your radar. The island in the center will have a large egg on it. Break the egg, and a monster that resembles a phantom frog will appear. This only works if you have not yet gotten any parts in the Distant Spring and are on day 15. You can defeat the monster with bomb rocks. Mattzeta.
When you get the Radar, go to the Distant Spring. If you look closely, you will see a bunch of smiley faces all over the map. Neopeterulz89.
There is a sub-Boss at the stump at the Impact Site, either a Mamuta or a Goolix. A Mamuta is a gray creature with no head. His only attack is to knock the Pikmin down, then pound them into the ground. When he does this, the Pikmin instantly become Flower Pikmin. A Goolix is a water creature that only Blue Pikmin can attack. Goolix has two parts, a ball and a brain-like part. Attack the ball with a lot of Blue Pikmin to damage it. If a Pikmin comes in contact with the brain-like part, all attacking Pikmin will be blasted away from Goolix. Glower777.
To defeat the Puffstool in the Forest Navel easily, beat him by yourself by pressing A near him. He does not do any damage -- just take the time to defeat him instead of losing a lot and Pikmin (and health since the Pikmin attack you). Batstuff.
To defeat Smokey Progg (the swamp monster that terrorizes your Pikmin camp), simply throw Pikmin directly at his face. Be extremely careful as on Day 15 when he appears, his trail can kill Pikmin easily. When defeat him he will drop a dot which gives about 100 to 200 Pikmin. The best strategy is to get Pikmin out by tens (for example, 10, 20, 30, etc.) Ian McKeigue.
In the Forest Navel when you face the Spider to get the Guard Satellite, get about 45 to 60 Yellow Pikmin and launch them at the body in the middle. This will quickly kill it before noon, giving you time to take it back to the Dolphin with Red Pikmin. DragonSlayer6854.
There are usually two ways of killing a normal creature (ones that appear regularly); either throwing all of your Pikmin on it or using the C-Stick to get them to swarm around it. For the jumping frogs, never throw Pikmin on them or they will all be flattened. When the frog lands, swarm around it. If you have enough Pikmin they will stop it from jumping. For the big snoozing poker-dot bugs, get at least fifty Pikmin, Sneak around to the back of it and keep throwing quickly. It should not have enough time to turn around and gobble any Pikmin. For the square rock that keeps re-planting Pikmin, just get as much Pikmin as possible (seventy recommended) and throw for awhile before he gets too close. Then, run until he stops chasing and start throwing again. mazza.
Use the following trick to defeat Emperor Bulbax without using the bomb rocks technique. Gather about 15 to 20 Red Pikmin and use the grass near his lair to turn them into flowers. Throw a Pikmin on top of him to wake him up. He resembles a weird plant at the center. After he awakens, he will attempt to lick up your entire group. When he is preparing to attack, he stands still for a few moments. During this time, run to either side of his head and throw as many Pikmin as possible on his cheek. The plants protect his body, and only his head is vulnerable. He will shake them off -- call them back. When he tries to hit you again, repeat the process. If done correctly, you can defeat him when your clock is just past quarter of noon, leaving enough time to take the last piece (the secret safe ) back to the ship and complete the game. ViviInsanity.
Instead of swarming it with Pikmin, get about five Blue Pikmin. Get in front of it. If the yellowish ball is in line with the black one, throw a Pikmin on it. It should spring back into the black ball and do a lot of damage. Rocket3k.
You must be willing to sacrifice two or three Pikmin. Toss one at the pearl. When the clam closes and starts chewing, throw a group of Pikmin on top of it. When it opens, they will all fall in and start attacking it. Repeat as many times as needed. Note: When using leaves, you may need to sacrifice a few more. Mckidz.
Get a large group of Pikmin (preferably Red). Go up to the frog and dodge his first attack. Then, swarm him with your Pikmin. He will not be able to get off the ground, causing a near instant kill. This works with all frogs, but requires more with the Distant Spring frogs. Saposaur64.
To defeat Beady Long Legs in the Forest Naval (found near where the Guard Satellite should be), throw Yellow Pikmin at his stomach. They will latch on and start to attack him. If they get stepped on, they will die. They will also attack his feet but will have no effect. Glower777.
To defeat the Breadbug much more quickly, instead of having him get sucked in two times, just do it once and finish him off with Captain Olimar. Ian McKeigue.
To kill a Bulborb faster have 95 or more Pikmin with you, get behind him, and press C-Stick Up to attack him. It will be dead in five seconds. Kevin.
Start attacking it until it goes underground. Have your Pikmin stand above where it burrowed. When it comes up, the Pikmin will be able to attack its head. This inflicts more damage. FireBat335.
If you do not have time to carry a part back to the ship in one day, start to do so anyway. Follow the Pikmin so that you can call them when the game prompts you to gather your Pikmin. The part will be in the same spot that you left it at. Curt Kronish.

Hint: Free pollen

Unlock Wii
Look carefully now the Forest Of Hope. There is a lot of pollen up on some of the big mountain-like hills, just next to the first can of bombs, and directly on both sides of where you first find the yellow Onion. GCsNemesis.
In both the Forest of Hope and the Distant Spring, there is a beetle that carries a part. To defeat them, get 20 to 30 Red Pikmin and wait until it sucks in air. During that time, fire a Pikmin near it and it should get stuck in the sucker. The outer shell should open, revealing the vulnerable part on its body. Use the C-stick to rush your Pikmim onto the body and they will attack it. Repeat this until it dies. If you need Pikmin, take the beetle back to the Onion. DragonSlayer6854, Ray, and Glower777.

Hint: 10 Pellets

Unlock Wii
After you get the Blue Pikmin, go to the Impact Site. There is an out of reach area nearby with three 10 Pellets of each color. To get them, take a few Blue Pikmin and take them near there. They should start attacking something on the ground. Go where they were attacking to see that it is geyser that will get you up there. Toss the Pikmin up there before getting on the geyser. The Pikmin slide, so be quick. Also, take more than 10 in case a few fall off. Glower777.

Hint: Pearls

Unlock Wii
Pearls (found in the clams at the Impact Site) can give 50 Pikmin to whatever color it is delivered to. Go back the next day and they will be there again. Note: The Positron Generator is also in one of the clams. Glower777.
Get a group of Yellow Pikmin all with bombs go up to a wall. If it is a regular wall, then just throw three of them at one time. If it is a black wall, then carefully throw about four of them, then throw the last two after the first explosion. GCsNemesis.

Hint: Space Float

Unlock Wii
On Forest Navel, there is a fat beetle-like creature that takes drags away caps. Send two or three Pikmin on the same cap he is taking. Your Pikmin will drag him into your onion, but the beetle will not fit. It will take away most of his life. Use your Pikmin to finish him off. Once he dies, the Space Float will appear. CheifBeef35.
Find the Whimsical Radar in the Forest Of Hope and deliver it to the Dolphin. When sunset arrives, you will have your own radar. To access it, press Y and go to the results screen. Glower777.
Get as many Blue Pikmin to knock down the wall. Then, get about 80 to 90 Pikmin of any color (Red recommended) and shoot them up onto the nearby ledge. You now can do one of two things; confront the spider or distract the beetle while you Pikmin grab the canopy and take it back to the ship. The safest way is to confront the spider. After you kill the beetle, you can take the canopy back. DragonSlayer6854.
Get 35 to 40 Red Pikmin and take them to a ledge where you find a pellet with a "5" on it. Press the C-stick to launch them faster on the ledge. Once all the Pikmin are on there, you should see a pool of water with a root going from the land into the water. Walk up the root onto the land and avoid the Spotty Bolborb. Call your Pikimin, attack the beast, and kill it. You should now see the part. Have your Pikmin grab the part. Note: If you have extra Pikmin you can take the Bolborb back to the Onion to gain Pikmin. DragonSlayer6854.

Hint: Libra

Unlock Wii
To get the part that Captain Olimar's daughter gave him, get 30 to 40 Red Pikmin to knock down the wall and build the bridge. When they are done, take them to kill the fire shooting enemy. Next, take all but 15 to 20 Pikimin back to the Onion. Get 15 to 20 Yellow Pikmin and 5 Blue Pikmin and carefully take them to the floating island. Shoot the Yellow Pikmin onto the ledge and have the Blue Pikmin activate the geyser. On top of the ledge with the Yellow Pikmin, call them back and launch them to the part. They should bring the part down. Call them back and have the Red Pikmin grab the part. You should now be able to take the part back. DragonSlayer6854.

Hint: Non-Dioxin

Unlock Wii
Get 60 to 80 Blue Pikmin and kill the frogs. After killing them, have your Pikmin grab the part. When they reach the shore, take them back to the Onion. Get 70 to 89 Red Pikmin and have them grab the part. Have the remaining Pikmin attack any monsters that threaten the Pikmin carrying the part. DragonSlayer6854.
Get 50 Red Pikmin, kill the Polly Wolliogs, and leave them there. Next, take on the enemy and punch it until it dies. Then, gather your Pikmin, have them grab the Stabilizer and take it back to the ship. DragonSlayer6854.
To get the part from the clam, get 30 to 40 Blue Pikmin and break down the wall. Next, dismiss them. Grab 10 of them and launch them to attack the inside of the clam. The clam should pull back the top of the shell to close it. Call your Pikmin back. Repeat this until you get the part Then, call back the rest of the Pikmin and take the part. DragonSlayer6854.
Blow up the wall, then get 100 Red Pikmin. Get rid of all the Bolborbs. Next, get your Blue Pikmin and have them push the box. After that, launch the Red Pikmin onto the ledge near the lake. Go onto the ramp the box was on and when you reach the plateau, there should be a bird. Run away from it and collect your Red Pikmin. Check where the star is on your map and walk near it. Another bird should appear. Shoot your Pikmin onto its head. Repeat this process until it is dead. If your Pikmin are going towards the bridge with the part where the box was on, stop them then kill the bird. However, if your Pikmin head to the edge everything is fine. DragonSlayer6854.

Hint: Gluon Drive

Unlock Wii
You need at least 90 Blue Pikmin. Have them kill the frog and bugs guarding the part Next, have them build the bridges connecting to the land. Before you grab the part, get rid of the monsters that are blocking the way. If you do not have a least 50 Pikmin, then get some more and send them to get the part back to the Dolphin. DragonSlayer6854.
Get 30 to 40 Blue Pikmin and take them to the area with some attacking crabs and a blowing monster. Kill the crabs and launch the Pikmin onto the belly of the monster until the animal is killed. Then, send your Pikmin to get the part. You should have about 10 to 18 Pikmin remaining. Make sure they attack the monsters that threaten the convoy carrying the part. DragonSlayer6854.

Hint: #1 Ionium Jet

Unlock Wii
Get 15 to 20 Blue Pikmin and jump down to the to the river, so that you see the part. Gather the Pikmin and have them get the part. If you get lost, follow the Pikmin. They will know the way. DragonSlayer6854.
Continuing from the Libra part, just get more Red and Blue Pikmin and proceed from the bridge up further. Have the Blue Pikmin to drag the part onto land. Then, have your Red Pikmin take the part back and the Blue Pikmin making the stick to water. Then, gather the Blue Pikmin from the river and go up the ramp to the Onions. DragonSlayer6854.

Hint: Bowsprit

Unlock Wii
First, clear out the Spotty Bolborbs and their infants. Next, get 30 Red Pikmin and kill the beetle. Build the ramps and knock down the wall. Also, you need 50 Pikmin to grab the part. Next, there should be another door with ramps and a wall. Build the ramp and knock down the wall. If you already have not done so, blow up the wall leading to the ship. Grab the part and you will safe. DragonSlayer6854.
You need to go to the Forest Navel for the first time for this trick to work. To start the day, get the Blue Pikmin, then knock some of the flowers with the pellets down. Wait for the stealing bug to appear and let it grab the pellet. Then, shoot two Blue Pikmin and let them drag the pellet back to the Onion so that the bug gets injured. Repeat this until it dies. Next, get 15 Blue Pikmin to take it to the ship. Then, get 15 to 20 Red Pikmin and have them build the stick leading to the gear. After they are done, they should automatically grab the part. Wait until they fall down. If they are short, refill and put the rest back into the Onion. Next, get more Red Pikmin and kill the fire shooting things and take 30 Yellow Pikmin to build the bridge. When they are done, have them grab the part and have the Red Pikmin protect the Yellow Pikmin. DragonSlayer6854.
When you first enter the Forest Of Hope, break down the wall. Kill the Breadbug and get the ship part that it has, then get the Geiger Counter. Next, go to the Puffstool and get the Omega Stabilizer. However, get its dead mushroom head and let the Red Pikmin deliver it. After they cross the bridge, call them back. Finally, get the Blue Pikmin. When you have ten of them, get the Mushroom Head. Pluck the Pikmin out of the ground and if they are all flowers, get the Ioninum Jet #1. Note: You can get the Gravity Jumper instead of the Ioninum Jet#1 by throwing Red Pikmin next to the bridge it is on. Then get next to them, tell them to build a bridge, and collect the gravity jumper.

Hint: Bombs

Unlock Wii
When you are trying to blow up walls with your Yellow Pikmin and have bombs remaining after the task is completed, keep them. They are very useful for killing enemies. Keep the Pikmin with the bombs away from the group. If a bomb explodes, your entire group may die. To use the Pikmin with the leftover bombs, simply throw them at the target and call them back. This will either injure or kill the enemy. If the enemy is not dead just call your group and finish it off. Will Smith.

Hint: Parts list

Unlock Wii
There are only 25 parts that are needed to complete the game. The other parts are optional. DragonSlayer6854.
When your Pikmin are carrying things to the ship or Onion and get attacked, lay in front of the monster until they are safe. noliven.

Hint: Sunset

Unlock Wii
At sunset any Pikmin not in their Onions will be eaten. However, if there are Pikmin in the landing zone or with Captain Olimar they will go to their Onions. Pikmin with Captain Olimar will be dismissed before he heads into his rocket. Glower777.
At the start of the first day at the Impact Site, notice that you will have no time at the top. Feel free to get all the Pikmin you can into the Onion and then just wait, or run Omar around and practice moves. Because there is no time limit, wait until all your Pikmin grow to the flower stage. This gives you 24 free flower Pikmin to start the game GCsNemesis.
Use the following trick to get all parts in just 14 days. Brian Bender.
Take a Yellow Pikmin acquired on Day 2 and let any animal that can eat a Pikmin eat one with a bomb. Once this is done, the creature will chew on the Yellow Pikmin, and the bomb will explode inside them, killing it in one hit. This also kills the Yellow Pikmin, but is very effective way to defeat a Bos,s such as the giant bird in area 2, very quickly. Joshua Rideout.
When Flower Pikmin die, they leave a seed behind. It will sprout into a Leaf Pikmin the next day. Glower777.
At the second site, if you have any Leaf or Bud Pikmin, separate them from the Flower Pikmin. Take the Leaf and Bud Pikmin. From Olimar's ship, go forward, then go left. You will see a patch of grass. Use your C-Rush to lead them into the grass and they will start working. After a few seconds, they pull up yellow globs that instantly turns them into Flower Pikmin. Note: Not all of your Pikmin will turn into flowers. Another place that has this effect is in the same area. When you are next to the Red Onion, turn your view to find another patch of grass. Let your Pikmin work over there and they will pull out more nutrients. This trick is useless if your Pikmin have flowers already. Once all or most of your Pikmin have had some of the nutrients, call them back. Do not waste it. This is hard to come by -- do not let the Flower Pikmin have any. This can be done once per day with any color Pikmin. Kenny Bell.
If you have a single Pikmin that is slow, hold A. You will pick up your Pikmin and can run at the same speed you move without the Pikmin in your hands. Jadan03.
Go in front of your ship. Go to the left and when he and the Pikmin runs on top of it, there will be a red pellet. Kevin.
Blue Pikmin are amphibious. They can be on both land and water. They also can serve as lifeguards for drowning Pikmin (Red or Yellow). Glower777.
Red Pikmin cannot be harmed by fire. They work well in the Distant Spring and the Navel areas. bob dole.
If the Puffstool in the Forest Naval spores your Pikmin, they will become Purple and sprout a mushroom on their heads. They will run around, attacking you and nearby Pikmin. If you are out of it range it will be near the Puffstool. Note: The spores only last for awhile. Glower777.
If your Pikmin are building a bridge or carrying a piece back to the ship, and you do not want to lose Pikmin killing the enemies, it is possible for Olimar to distract them. Most of the time, if you run around near an enemy, it will follow you and try to attack you, keeping your Pikmin safe. If the Pikmin are carrying a ship piece, you may leave the enemy after the Pikmin have carried the piece a safe distance away.
When you lay down for Pikmin to pick you up and move the Analog-stick anywhere. You can do this repeatedly. Michael Iglesias.
Note the color of the pellets when you have the Pikmin carry them to their "Onions." The destination that Pikmin will carry objects to depends on the members of the group. If there are more blue Pikmin than red Pikmin in the group, they will bring it to the blue hive. When the same color pellet is brought to the corresponding hive color it will produce more new Pikmin than if the colors does not match. JMK2cool.
You can get the Red Pikmin when you start the game (Impact Site). You can get Yellow Pikmin when you get to the next area (Forest Of Hope). You can get the Blue Pikmin in the third area (Forest Navel). SStreetFighter0.
Remain idle at the level selection menu for about five to ten minutes. You will hear a different song playing in the background. This also occurs in Challenge Mode. Bartlettlb.
If you have a small number of Pikmin and they die, you can still attack the enemy. Press A as if you were going to throwing a Pikmin. Instead, Captain Olimar will punch the enemy for minor damage. Note: This does not work on enemies such as the Armored Cannon Beetle and Beady Long Legs. Glower777.
If at the end of the game you do not have all the parts to the ship, your ship will blast off and you will crash. After game data display is done, there will be a scene where the Pikmin are carrying a dead Captain Olimar to a Red Onion. Captain Olimar will be sucked up by the Onion and a seed that is Olimar's head will pop out. His head will appear from of the ground and will have a stem like a Pikmin. Mark Martin.
To get Captain Olimar trapped, go to the Forest Of Hope on Day 2. Take out your Red Pikmin and have them break down the gate. Next, have Olimar run to the left and through the pond. Run off the cliff into the Nova Blaster area. You have now gotten Captain Olimar trapped. There is no way out. You can leave the Nova Blaster area through the hole in the stump, but you cannot get back to the Shock Absorber area, the Yellow Onion, the Landing Site, the Burrowing Snagrets area, or the area through the first gate. If you want to escape, bring Yellow Pikmin with you and arm them with Bomb-Rocks in the can near the Nova Blaster. Matthew.
Hold A + B + X + Y + Start during game play. wet pants.
Press Down to round up four Pikmin to carry you back to your base camp. A short fireworks display appear. This also eventually happens if you stand idle. PartidaEd and JMK2cool.
Press Down and Captain Olimar will lay down. He cannot be harmed in this position.
Save the game at any point to unlock a "Challenge Mode" option at the main menu. Select that option to replay previously completed sections in a time attack type scenario. Collect as many Pikmin as possible before nightfall. john86868.

Tip: Escape To Safety

Unlock PCWii
If Captain Olimar is low on health and being attacked by enemies press Down. Captain Olimar will now be invunerable to attack, you can now pick the best moment to escape.

Top Up Your Pikmin Totals

Unlock Playstation 3Wii
To top up your Pikmin totals take a pearl from the mouth of a Pearly Clamclamp on the Impack Site back to an Onion you will get 50 Pikmin.

Firework Display

Unlock PCWii
Press Down whilst in control of four or more Pikmin they will then pick up Captain Olimar and take him to their Onion, setting off a beautiful fireworks display.

Challenge Mode Option

Unlock Xbox 360Wii
Save the game at any point to unlock a "Challenge Mode" option at the main menu. Select that option to replay previously completed sections in a time attack type scenario. The objective is to collect as many Pikmin as possible before nightfall.