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Build your own kingdom in this action RPG-kingdom-building simulator exclusively for Playstation Vita! Game is imported from Asia. Gameplay is with English voice and English subtitles. Works on all US bought Playstation Vitas.

New Little King's Story Cheats


Trophy PS Vita
All-time Submonster Champion (Bronze) Obliterated Blue Dragon
Animal King (Bronze) Completed the Animal Encyclopedia
Arrogance King (Bronze) Obliterated Onii Followers
Bloooming Strength (Silver) Lived happily ever after with a flowery person
Changeup King (Bronze) Aquired 20 Types of Outfits
Conquistador King (Bronze) Completed the Monster Encyclopedia
Development King (Bronze) Completed All Kingdom Plans
Envy King (Bronze) Obliterated Weirdo
Escape King (Bronze) Clearaed the escape tutorial
Eternal Happiness (Gold) Everyone Lived Happily Ever After
Explorer King (Bronze) Completed the Spot Encyclopedia
Face-stuffing King (Bronze) Obliterated Dessert-lovers
Fat Bucks King (Bronze) Collected 100,000,000 Bol
Gem King (Bronze) Completed the Gem Encyclopedia
Gourmand King (Bronze) Completed the Gourmet Encyclomedia
Graveyard Submonster (Bronze) Obliterated Cow Bones
Greed King (Bronze) Obliterated Pervy Producer
Half-baked King (Bronze) Cleared Liam's tutorial
Helper King (Bronze) Cleared 15 Quests
Hero King (Gold) Stopped Destruction of the World
Holler at Tomorrow! (Bronze) Screamed at the Sea
Humanitarian King (Bronze) Cleared 30 Quests
JUMP! Cannon King (Bronze) Used JUMP! Cannon Over 50 Tries
Just As You Are (Silver) Lived happily ever after with a defiant person
Karefree Kingdom (Bronze) Carefree Population Reached 100 People, Causing a Job Shortage
Kingiest King EVER (Platinum) You fulfilled ALL accomplishments in the kingdom!
Legend King (Silver) Completed the Record Encyclopedia
Mushroom Forest Submonster (Bronze) Obliterated Mush Bro
Music King (Bronze) Completed the Humming Encyclopedia
Naughty King (Bronze) Obliterated Casanova
Onii Hunter (Bronze) Obliterated 100 Onii
Owl Forest Submonster (Bronze) Obliterated Owl Yamanba
Poverty Elimination King (Bronze) Saved 100,000 Bol and built your first workhouse
Rage King (Bronze) Obliterated Blitzing Birds
Red Turnip Forest Submonster (Bronze) Obliterated Radeeze
Shadow Forest Submonster (Bronze) Obliterated Mush Geezer
Sing a Song of Happiness (Silver) Lived happily ever after with a person who loves music
Sloth King (Bronze) Obliterated Troublesome Drunkards
Smooch Monster (Bronze) Kissed a Princess 10 Times
Sweet Future (Silver) Lived happily ever after with a cute person
Takin' Care of Love (Silver) Lived happily ever after with a pure and innocent person
Together Again (Silver) Lived happily ever after with a mysteriously reunited person
Together Forever (Silver) Lived happily ever after with that special someone
Tom Forest Submonster (Bronze) Obliterated Ogre Ergo
Tyrant King (Bronze) Total Number of Incapacitated Citizens Reached 50
Unyielding Light (Silver) Lived happily ever after with a supple and beautiful person
Upchuck Forest Submonster (Bronze) Obliterated Yvonne
Wavy Rock Forest Submonster (Bronze) Obliterated Clockwork Knight
Weapon King (Bronze) Collected 15 Types of Weapons
Wig-out King (Bronze) Aquired 20 Types of Masks