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NeverDead Review

Oh, Konami.  Always trying to branch out with new game ideas.  We admire that, but the execution of some of these games leave something to be desired.  Case in point – NeverDead, the brain child of producer Shinta Nojiri and the team at Rebellion Developments, had a unique head on its shoulders – literally – and then fell apart at the seams – also... Read Review

NeverDead News

New NeverDead Trailer Features Head-Rolling Gameplay

New NeverDead Trailer Features Head-Rolling Gameplay

  \\ For a few years now gamers have been complaining about dying in games. It is an unnecessary nuisance, but few games have attempted to tackle the dilemma in a creative way. Enter Konami and their new third-person shooter NeverDead. The main character in NeverDead can, surprisingly, never die. In lieu of dying, the spiky haired protagonist simply explodes into several body parts when he takes too much damage.  From there the camera follows around the characters head, while the player rolls it around attempting to latch on to his arms, legs, and torso. It is all a very macabre version of Katamari Damacy.  Get a video of the aforementioned head-rolling after the jump. Read More

kombo Aug 23, 2010 | Comments