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Need for Speed World combines the rush of illicit street racing, deep RPG style progression and vehicle customization into an immersive, socially-connected Need for Speed experience. Players can compete against any one of their friends, family or pick from thousands of top ranked players to challenge in intense online battles and police pursuits across 150 miles of sprawling open world.

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If six years ago you would have told me that Need for Speed was downloadable for free, and was playable with thousands of people online, I would have jumped up and down with glee. Nowadays, free-to-play games are commonplace and the luster of the genre is wearing thin. While it is rare for a popular franchise such as Need for Speed to take that plunge into free gaming, the question has to be asked: Is it totally free?It's hard to pass judgment Need for Speed World since it often presents itself as if it was still in beta. It's safe to say that Need for Speed fans will immediately recognize the traditional features that they grew up on, but it's definitely a tough sell since it requires micro-transactions to receive the full experience.Starting out, players have $30,000 to spend on six... Read Review

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