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E3 2010: True Crime Preview

The True Crime series achieved some degree of success, but never really took off the way some people expected it to. Now, United Front Games and Activision are bringing the series back, and are calling it a franchise reboot. I got a chance to sit through a presentation of the title at E3 yesterday, and I learned that True Crime takes place in Hong Kong, as players take on the role of undercover detective Wei Shen. Shen was born in Hong Kong, then moved to San Francisco, and finally moved back to Hong Kong. After joining the police force in Hong Kong, he's tasked with infiltrating a Triad organization, and that's where this story begins. Hit the jump to see what you can look forward to in True Crime. Read More


Spyborgs - WII - Review

Is it strange that I miss the arcade era? While I had to pay for every 90 seconds of game time, needed to wait in line to play the next-gen hotness, Read More


Rumor: EA to Cancel Need for Speed Series

In past years the Need for Speed series has always remained one of EA's best performing franchises. With the release of Need for Speed: Undercover last month, expectations were high for the series to produce some much needed revenue to make up for the publisher's rather disappointing holiday sales. Unfortunately, it didn't even manage to capture a spot in the top 20 game sales of November which comes as a shock considering previous installments of the series sold well into the multiple millions. So what is the EA solution? Hit the jump to find out. Read More


New Xbox Experience: When Old Themes Attack

And the hits just keep on coming. Between bouts of gushing over the New Xbox Experience, Official Xbox 360 Magazine took a moment to point out that not all is well in the new setup. Specifically, old themes getting "butchered" by the new setup: Most of the old themes were loosely tailored around the set-up of the old dashboard, meaning you'd have a big picture off-set to the right to stay out of the way of the menu options. Now everything has been completely rearranged, the new menus obscure the old themes. Ironically, it's the ones that were never that well designed in the first place that now look the best. -- Official Xbox MagazineYou can find one example in the image above; would you ever guess that was a Virtua Fighter 5 theme? You can see how others, such as Need for Speed: Undercover, Mass Effect, Gears of War 2, Army of Two, CORBIS: Graffiti, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, and Castle Crashers look through the link above. It's kind of sad that even the themes for more recent releases, like Gears of War 2, show up so poorly here. And don't they charge money for these? I'd feel a little ripped off right now. Read More