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Cheats for Need for Speed ProStreet

Unlockable Boss Cars

  • All platforms
  • unlock
BMW M3 E96 Defeat the "Grip King"
Ford Mustang GT Defeat the "Drag King"
Mazda RX-7 Defeat the "Drift King"
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Defeat the "Showdown King"
Pontiac GTO Defeat the "Speed King"


  • All platforms
  • unlock
for repair markers SAFETYNET
$10,000 bonus 1Mi9K7E1
$10000 bonus and unlock cars, including camaro concept, mustang gt500 and r34 skyline reggame
$2000 bonus 1ma9x99
$4000 bonus w2iollo1
$8000 bonus L1is97a1
for engine upgrade HORSEPOWER
Locks everything back up after using the UNLOCKALLTHINGS code. leipzig
unlock acura integra, acura nsx, audi rs4, lexus is350 and solstice gxp in collectors edition collectorsed
Unlock audi tt quattro itsaboutyou
unlock castrol syntec vinyl castrolsyntec
unlock energizer lithium viper & vinyl energizerlithium
unlock k&n vinyl worldslongestlasting
unlock lancer evolution mitsubishigofar
you get $10,000 CASHMONEY