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NBA Unrivaled - Feature

NBA Unrivaled

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NBA Unrivaled wants to believe that it's NBA Jam reincarnated. However, there are a few key differences that keep this from being an outright clone (whether that's a good thing or a bad thing depends largely on your opinion of NBA Jam.) And while most of the differences are actually for the worse, the core gameplay is still there making this a fun, if flawed, arcade basketball... Read Review

Latest Articles


Tecmo Dates NBA Unrivaled for XBLA, PSN

While EA and the NFL are already working on an downloadable arcade take on their sport, the NBA will beat them to the punch this week with the release of NBA Unrivaled, a 5-on-5 arcade basketball game from Tecmo for Xbox Live Arcade and PSN. Developed by A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Games, who previously worked on NBA '08 for the PS2, NBA Unrivaled will bring back memories of games like NBA Street and NBA Jam with insane hits, half-court shots, and of course, over-the-top slam dunks. The game features all 30 NBA teams and up-to-date rosters, plus competitive and cooperative multiplayer and unlockable jerseys. While the title is set for release this week, November 11, the release is for XBLA only. PS3 fans will have to wait for later to unleash their boomshakalakas. Read More


NBA 10 The Inside Announced, First Screens

It's time to gear up for basketball season. The Lakers dominated the court last year but it's a new year and everyone is hungry for a championship ring. To help you get ready to the upcoming season, Sony has NBA 10 The Inside coming out this October for PSP. New this year is the expanded Conquest Mode, with three original features where players will take on the entire country and battle in the classic acquisition style of Conquest while playing Dodgeball, Give & Go, or MiniQuest which allows players to choose from 1 of 4 mini-games. In addition, two new mini-games have been brought into the mix—Open Lanes, a traditional 10 frame bowling game, and Cherry Pickin,' a puzzle based mini-game with an NBA feel, both of which players can enjoy anytime, anywhere. NBA 10 The Inside also brings back all of the popular mini-games from years past. From the Skee-Ball-like Hot Shot to basketball-themed pinball tables, all are available to provide fast and engaging action that further adds to the stable of traditional and non-traditional basketball gameplay. Refined gameplay mechanics and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) also help to create a more realistic and action-oriented experience. And, with expanded play-by-play and audio commentary from Kenny Smith and Ian Eagle, NBA 10 The Inside delivers an unrivaled experience for basketball fans and gamers alike. Get your basketball sneakers on and lace them up. It's game time. Read More


E3 2009 Media: NBA Unrivaled Logo and Fact Sheet

Tecmo has a new NBA game coming to the PlayStation Network later this year, and-- what's that? You want to know what it looks like? What are you, some sort of graphics junkie? There are no pictures, and no video, either. You'll just have to take Tecmo's word for it that it's good. But enough of that, here's the fact sheet (after the cut). Read More


NBA 2K8 - PS3 - Review

Every year the hype is the same: developers say theyre making a sports game that will rectify last years issues. They speak of the graphics and how e Read More


NBA 2K7 - PS3 - Review

Over the past few years, simulation basketball games have taken a backseat to NBA Street and NBA Ballers. The slick style, faster gameplay, and super Read More