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NBA LIVE 16 Review

Somewhere along the way, basketball overtook baseball as my second favorite sport. Maybe it’s because the only two baseball teams I care about, the Mets and Marlins, couldn’t buy a playoff appearance (until this year, at least). Likewise, my sports game playing has shifted from baseball games to basketball. This happened a few years ago, with NBA 2K in its stride and NBA Live making its return. Unfortunately, NBA Live has yet to hit its stride since returning. We’re still waiting for that breakout performance that shows EA Sports’ basketball game can hang in the paint with 2K’s. You don’t hear Hassan Whiteside saying he wants to get his NBA Live rating up; he only mentions 2K. So NBA Live 16 has its work cut out for it. This year’s... Read Review

NBA LIVE 16 News
  • NBA Live 16 Review

    NBA Live 16 Review

    Lance Liebl Oct 1, 2015
  • NBA LIVE 16 Cover Athlete revealed

    NBA LIVE 16 Cover Athlete revealed

    Tatiana Morris Jun 9, 2015