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The all-new digital download NBA JAM: On Fire Edition, will feature exciting new gameplay enhancements, including ground-breaking artificial intelligence that will change the way gamers play NBA JAM. NBA JAM: On Fire Edition is available on Xbox LIVE® Arcade and the PlayStation® Network. Enhanced Gameplay: In addition to vast improvements to the core experience and more variety across the board, NBA JAM: On Fire Edition will include a Tag Mode, Team Fire and Razzle Dazzle. REAL AI: Using the groundbreaking AI systems from the Fight Night series, NBA JAM: On Fire Edition will feature more organic play giving gamers a less robotic and more real gameplay experience. Improved Online: Jump online and take a Road Trip, the solo and co-op campaign modes that take the online experience to a new level. Or, play JAM Now – the Play Now mode for up to four players. Moving On Up: Earn Experience Points (XP) and JAM Bucks by completing JAM Challenges and awards. Spend your JAM Bucks in the JAM Store to unlock loads of unlockables. Rosters: NBA JAM: On Fire Edition will contain over 125 current NBA superstars, nearly 50 NBA legends, 27 mascots and a host of secret teams!

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Review

Since we don’t have any real NBA season of basketball to lean on right now (and judging by the behavioral patterns of both owners and players, we won’t be getting one soon), we have to rely on other types of entertainment to get our fix.  NBA 2K12 is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a deep simulation, but what if you just want to drive down the court in a huff and dunk a ball 30 feet up in the air?  NBA Jam is the perfect choice in this regard.  While last year’s retail release of the game is a satisfactory package of high-flying action and multiplayer hijinks, this year’s downloadable release, On Fire Edition, is even better. While a lot of the bigger features from last year’s game are missing (mainly the Remix Tour... Read Review

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