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NBA Baller Beats challenges players using a real basketball to master ball-handling skills by dribbling and performing moves to the beats of an eclectic soundtrack. Train alongside your favorite NBA franchise unlocking songs, difficulty levels, environment accessories, and over 100 posters and Panini's 2012 NBA HOOPS trading cards that showcase NBA players’ greatest moves. The music is your guide as the Kinect motion sensor captures every movement of both player and ball to create an entirely new basketball gaming experience. Master crossovers, pump fakes, behind-the-back, around-the-world and more as you bounce the ball to the beat of 30 licensed tracks that span across decades and genres including hip-hop, rock and old school classics.

NBA Baller Beats Review

You have to hand it to Majesco, it takes balls to come up with a rhythm game that incorporates a real basketball. Think Rock Band/Dance Central meets NBA and you'll have a pretty good understanding of how NBA Baller Beats actually works. Did Majesco reinvent the rhythm genre, or should it have stuck to plastic instruments? Baller Beats is actually a pretty interesting concept, and one that actually tries to tie in the NBA license quite a bit. Not only will you choose your favorite team right from the get go, you eventually unlock various basketball cards filled with NBA knowledge. Obviously though, the big draw here is how the game is played. Once you choose a song and difficulty level, you'll be dribbling the ball to the beat, all while performing various gestures... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for NBA Baller Beats.