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In a fantasy world of Victorian architecture, war is raging between the industrial superpowers. As Commander of a Naval Super-Destroyer, it is your duty to destroy the enemy's mighty Boss Units in a military campaign of epic proportions in, under and above the surface. If you are to emerge victorious from a variety of challenging scenarios, you must lead your troops against wave after wave of massive attacks from ships, planes and gigantic Special Forces.

Naval Warfare Review

Last year, Aqua: Naval Warfare launched on Xbox Live Arcade to below average critical reception. The game featured a highly intriguing steampunk story that took place at sea, and the gameplay premise--a twin-stick shooter set on water--was incredibly promising. Unfortunately, the game failed to deliver on practically every front. One year later, developer Games Distillery is re-releasing the game on Steam (this time simply titled Naval Warfare) and not surprisingly, it remains a big disappointment.The world has been flooded, and various groups have been formed by the survivors. These groups are battling on the sea for total control of various territory, and this is where you come in. As part of one of these factions, it is up to you to take on enemies and engage in escort missions.... Read Review

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    Naval Warfare Review

    David Sanchez Jun 18, 2011