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Naughty Bear - Feature

Naughty Bear

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Naughty Bear

Gamers can find comfort in bland and familiar plot lines, but when something new comes along that fights the norm of usual... Read More


Rare Unibear Nets "Exponential Naughty Points" in Upcoming Naughty Bear

The release of Artificial Mind and Movement's uniquely twisted "comic mischief" game Naughty Bear is swiftly approaching, and the developer has released a new video to tantalize fans and expand on the lore of the Island of Perfection. Apparently the Island is home to more than just the society of happy-go-lucky, cuddly bears; Rumors of a mythical creature known only as "Unibear" have long persisted in the minds of its inhabitants. "Is the Unibear a descendant of a species of long-lived super-bear, os is it just a harmful mix of hoax and wishful thinking?" asks an article in the Perfection Island Herald's "Science and Weirdness" section, seen after the jump. "The Unibear is as much of a mystery to the Perfection Island Tourist Board as it is to the rest of us." Apparently the island's resident naturalist, Sunbeam, discovered the possible existence of the fantastic creature back in 1975, but since then little evidence has come to light. Hit the jump for more details. Read More


Naughty Bear Launch Trailer Releases

505 has just released their US launch trailer for Naughty Bear, due out in stores on June 29th. "After being excluded from the fun on the Island of Perfection one too many times," said Michelle Hoffman, of 505 Games, "Naughty Bear seeks his revenge by driving fear and terror into the hearts of the bears that taunt and torment him." The trailer, after the break. Read More


Naughty Bear's Very Naughty Multiplayer Details Revealed

505 Games and Artificial Mind and Movement revealed today exactly how their impending game Naughty Bear is going to allow players to be naughty to one another. A press release details Naughty Bear's multiplayer modes, about which they have recently been very hush-hush. In fact, Lead Designer Ash Pannell recently avoided revealing details when I asked him about the multiplayer. "The multiplayer takes everything that you saw in the single player, and just makes it more intense and crazy," he said. "Imagine what you're doing to other bears, and then imagine that you're doing it to your friends, and that will give you a rough idea of what multiplayer's all about." Hit the jump for the details. Read More