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Madden 09 and NBA 09 on Chopping Block for EA Sports' Online Cuts

A commonly-heard complaint about EA Sports titles such as Madden is that it is just the same game, repackaged year after year with a few stat tweaks and the like. And yet, the complaint continues, fans eat it up year after year, thus making the company plenty of money. However, one must wonder if perhaps these same fans who have padded EA's pockets year after year have begun to catch on, thus prompting the company to take action by shutting down the servers for a number of its "09" titles. Read More


GRID - PS3 - Review

Stop me if youre in a muscle car, just seconds away from the finish line, when an angry opponent slams you into a wall and steals your victory. This Read More


EA All-Play Is (Theoretically) Fun for the Whole Family

EA Sports isn't just in the game; they're also on the cutting edge. So of course, the recent casual gaming bonanza has EA's sports specialists reworking their playbook a little. Today, EA announced its brand new line of Wii sports titles. These "All-Play" titles are just like other ball-catching (and/or throwing) sims, but with the option to invite granny onto the gridiron. Yes, that's right -- get ready for a great game of significantly dumbed-down football! So far, five games have been announced for the new initiative: NCAA Football 09 All-Play, Madden NFL 09 All-Play, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All-Play, NBA LIVE 09 All-Play, and FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play. For those of you who want to more fully understand exactly what your family's in for, EA painstakingly detailed each and every game in their press release, which is posted after the break. Read More