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Fans can experience their favorite anime storylines with crisp animation cut scenes in full VO and fight in epic battle sequences while executing famous moves!! Over 50 characters including Eight-Tails, Kakuzu & Gamabunta, including Awakenings features that enable incredible power and defense for short bursts Collect over 300+ character cards, create card combinations to enable special character power-ups Ad-Hoc Connected Play – Battle enemy ninja hordes together with friends in Tag Battle Upgraded camera views enhance battles sequences that offer an exciting and immersive gameplay experience,over 100+ unique battles

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact Review

Much like the yearly Dragon Ball Z games, Naruto seems to be popping up across consoles and handhelds with his familiar storyline of a nine tail demon fox housed inside a rambunctious young spiky haired kid and his adventures. This portable iteration takes players through the beginning of the Shippuden storyline, all the way up to the Five Kage Summit Arc, though it takes some liberties in terms of a gameplay standpoint. Someone over at Namco Bandai must have heard my pleas to combine the gameplay styles of the Dynasty Warriors series with a Naruto game, and the result is actually quite entertaining. I can already hear the masses of people complaining that the Warriors' series are straight up button mashers, and to an extent, they are. But they're also the type the game... Read Review

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