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Cheats for NARUTO Shippuden: Ninja Destiny 2

Unlockable Characters

  • DS
  • unlock
Deidara Complete sidequest 2 - Instead of going South to find Sai, go East, then North-West to find Shino. He will give you sidequest 2
Four Tail Kyuubi Naruto Clear all 30 floors of Exploration Mode with all 10 characters on normal difficulty.
Hoshigaki Kisame Complete sidequest 1 - see Uchiha Itachi
Jiraiya Beat Story mode once
Kabuto Win 15 battles in Survival Mode
Legendary Sannin Win 15 battles in Survival Mode
Non - Shippuden Characters Win 15 battles in Survival Mode in difficult
One Tail Kyuubi Naruto Complete story mode in difficult
Sasuke (s) Beat story on any difficulty
True Form Sasori Complete sidequest 2 - see Deidara
Tsunade Beat Story mode once
Uchiha Itachi Complete Sidequest 1 - Instead of going South in story mode to find Sai, go East to do the sidequest

Exploration Mode

  • DS
  • unlock
Exploration Mode Beat the Story Mode