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Nanostray Cheats


Unlock Nintendo DS
Chuuroh City Concept Art Complete Challenge 18
Chuuroh City Music Complete Challenge 17
Enemy 'Masked Raider' Model Complete Challenge 19
Enemy 'Mr. Slater' Model Complete Challenge 10
Enemy 'Squidman' Model Complete Challenge 13
Enemy 'Transporto' model Complete Challenge 22
Enemy 'Triple Zero' Model Complete Challenge 05
Enemy 'Whale-Bot 3000' Model Complete Challenge 16
Hibashira Plains Concept Art Complete Challenge 09
Hibashira Plains Music Complete Challenge 08
Mitsurin Jungle Concept Art Complete Challenge 02
Mitsurin Jungle Music Complete Challenge 01
Mokuzu Depths Concept Art Complete Challenge 04
Mokuzu Depths Music Complete Challenge 03
Sekai Outpost Concept Art Complete Challenge 15
Sekai Outpost Music Complete Challenge 14
Sekihi Belt Concept Art Complete Challenge 12
Sekihi Belt Music Complete Challenge 11
Sunahara Desert Concept Art Complete Challenge 07
Sunahara Desert Music Complete Challenge 06
Zenshoh Station Concept Art Complete Challenge 21
Zenshoh Station Music Complete Challenge 20

Challenge Mode Unlockables

Unlock Nintendo DS
Mitsurin Jungle Concept Art Beat the Mitsurin Jungle one-life challenge
Mitsurin Jungle Soundtrack Beat the Mitsurin Jungle score challenge
Mokuzo Depths Concept Art Beat the Mokuzo Depths Power Weapons Unavailable challenge
Mokuzo Depths Soundtrack Beat the Mokuzo Depths score challenge

Arcade Levels

Unlock Nintendo DS

Complete every level on Adventure mode at any difficulty to unlock arcade mode.

During gameplay,
1) Select the lightning beam
2) Pause the game
3) Hold down the L trigger
4) Select any other beam except the lightning beam with your right thumb. Keep that beam selection depressed with your right thumb until after you've unpaused the game.
5) Unpause the game

The lightning beam will continue to shoot and whatever beam you seleced with your right thumb will also begin to shoot, allowing two beams to be fired at once. This will continue indefinitely unless the lightning beam is selected again. This will cause only the lightning beam to shoot. The glitch is repeatable should this occur.

Note: The cheat will need to be entered again after any cut scene sequence begins on any stage, as it shuts the lightning beam off.