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Namco Museum Megamix gives players a new take on classic franchises while staying true to the core gameplay that made them so popular. Each game will deliver a unique experience with updated Pac-Man themed graphics and specially designed Wii motion controls that will have gamers of all skill levels wanting to join in on the fun.

NAMCO Museum Megamix Review

Retro video game compilations are often hit-or-miss packages. At times, they provide a number of excellent classic titles with only a few questionable inclusions. And then there are times where there are but a few solid games included in the collection, with the rest of the titles sorely lacking. Namco Museum Megamix is a mixed bag of old-school and modernized games, and while there are a few winners, there are also a number of included titles that hold no value.Namco Museum Megamix includes six remixed games, but four of these have already been seen before, so there’s not much that’s new here. You can play Pac ‘n’ Roll, Grobda Remix, Pac-Motos, Galaga Remix, Rally-X Remix, and Gator Panic Remix. While all of these games are tolerable, the only ones that stand out are Grobda Remix and... Read Review

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