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Developed in Toronto by Metanet Software (N, N+) and RSBLSB (Dyad), N++ (“N PLUS PLUS”) is the final and definitive iteration of the series which helped to usher in the modern era of hardcore running and jumping.

N Plus Plus (N++) Review

Around 10 years ago, back when Flash games were the bees knees and high schoolers with PCs in their classrooms dedicated more time to Icy Tower than listening to their American History lecture, a skill based game with a small and agile ninja took the internet by storm. The flash game N was so immensely popular, it even spawned a console port with additional features but retaining its devilish difficulty called N+. Fast forward to today, and PlayStation 4 owners have the pleasure of taking on yet another set of challenges in N++. It's easy to reference games like Super Meat Boy when it comes to difficult downloadable platformers, but the N games are rarely mentioned. Whereas Super Meat Boy was a challenge in precise platforming through speed, N and its respective sequels... Read Review

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