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Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising

I first saw Ridley Scott’s slightly overrated Gladiator in 2001, and I have to admit my teenage self became obsessed with gladiators by the film’ Read More

Ben PerLee Mar 18, 2011 | Comments
Exploring the Legend of the Master Sword

Exploring the Legend of the Master Sword

"The Heroes triumph on Cataclysm's eve wins three symbols of virtue. The Master Sword he shall then receive, keeping the Knights line true." These are the words engraved in ancient Hylian on the pedestal holding the Master Sword in A Link to the Past, the first appearance of the blade in The Legend of Zelda series. It has gone on to become something of an icon of not only the series, but in video gaming itself. A new article at Zelda Informer explores the legacy of the mystic blade in great detail, examining its role throughout the Zelda series and its abilities and powers. There is a little bit of timeline talk, though it sits more as an aside than a major part of the article's theme, for those who get headaches at such prospects. That said, it's a fun read for fans of the series as we wonder what role the blade of evil's bane will play in the upcoming Zelda title for Wii. There has been much speculation based on the one image we have seen thus far, and Aonuma recently stated, "some of it is right." Read More

kombo Nov 27, 2009 | Comments