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My Boyfriend Review

Some games that release are targeted for a younger demographic and while it seems fine to try to tap the inner child, it is sometimes better to let younger gamers do the work and the review. Such is the case with the release of My Boyfriend on the PC. It seemed silly to try to play and review the game objectively since age and gender separates me from the target audience. Fortunately,... Read Review

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Top Games For Lonely Gamers

Top Games For Lonely Gamers

Now that Valentine's Day is several days behind us, I realized that my last list - "Top 5 Games to Play With Your Non-Gaming Significant Other on Valentine's Day" - probably alienated a lot of readers. After all (and I'm not poking fun) there are a lot of single gamers out there. That list was worthless to them - to you - so I thought this time I'd write the anti-list to that list. Thusly, I present: games to play when you're feeling utterly, inconsolably alone. Hit the jumpity-jump. Read More

kombo Feb 19, 2011 | Comments
Achievement Unlocked: Broken Heart

Achievement Unlocked: Broken Heart

According to a recent post from Siliconera, most dating sims (a popular genre of game in Japan, only seldom seen in North America) tend to end with the player winning the hand of the guy or gal they've been "dating" through course of the game, as "a happy ending with a dream date is the genre's reward." But a recent Xbox 360 entry into the genre, Dream C Club, doesn't play by those rules. Apparently, Dream C Club has players paying to spend time with virtual hostesses in the hopes of winning their heart, but one hostess, Amane, leads to a hurtful dead end. Read More

kombo Sep 1, 2009 | Comments