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There exists a small galaxy in the universe containing seven worlds, shimmering in seven colors. These worlds exist and act independent of one another. This has allowed them to develop and nurture rich, unique cultures. Then one day, a decree was sent out "I'm gonna make everything in each of these worlds bow to me!" – The Undisputed Goddess, Chou-Chou

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If you don't know what "moe" means, you can probably stop reading this review right now. There was once a time when I wished more Japanese games would make their way stateside, looking at screenshots of seemingly awesome RPGs and wondering why they'd been passed over for localization. These days, I'm starting to think more of them could've stayed put. Such is the case with Mugen Souls, a profoundly confusing title from Compile Heart, a game built for such a niche audience I can only wonder why NIS America bothered to localize it all. Mugen Souls follows the story of the bratty demon goddess Chou-Chou and her quest to bend everything in the universe to her evil will. Thankfully, Chou-Chou has the ability to change into seven different (and often... Read Review

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