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The sequel to 'Splosion Man, Ms. 'Splosion Man features new security measures, traps, and locations being used by the scientists after they catch 'Splosion Man but inadvertently create a female counterpart.

Ms Splosion Man Review

I've never been much of a 2D puzzle-platform gamer. I find them terribly frustrating and repetitive, and I'm not very good at them. Today, I am pleased to announce that Ms. Splosion Man has changed my view on the genre. I'll admit, I still wasn't very good at the game, but I had fun playing it. Oftentimes, a reviewer will bash a game and make up faults because he isn't good at it. Really, though, there is nothing to complain about with this Xbox Live Arcade hit.Ms. Splosion Man, the sequel to the popular Xbox Live Arcade game Splosion Man, follows closely to the original. The first Splosion man is captured, and as the scientists are celebrating, they drunkenly spill bubbly on the wires. As a result, Ms. Splosion Man is created and must 'splode her way out of the labs, wreaking havoc... Read Review

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