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  • Release Date(s): Jan 25, 2013
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Plot Summary: Take a hilarious director, add a brilliant cast, mix in some twisted jokes, remove all boundaries, and then stand back... way back. In "Movie 43," comedy is served steaming hot (literally) by director Peter Farrelly of The Farrelly Brothers ("Something About Mary," "Dumb & Dumber") in one of the most shocking, original, and dangerous comedies ever made. Starring Johnny Knoxville, Gerard Butler, Anna Faris, Seann William Scott, Hugh Jackman, Richard Gere, Uma Thurman, Halle Berry, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts, Kate Bosworth, Kate Winslet, Terrence Howard, Liev Schreiber, Elizabeth Banks, Justin Long, Kristen Bell, Patrick Warburton, Josh Duhamel, Jason Sudeikis, Chloe Grace Moretz, Stephen Merchant, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jack McBrayer, Kieran Culkin, and Chris Pratt, "Movie 43" is jaw-dropping, uproarious, outrageous fun. Warning: not for the weak-stomached, faint of heart, or easily offended.

Movie 43 (2013) Review

Sometimes a movie comes along and it’s universally panned by critics. Each review seems like it’s trying to outdo the rest in its effort to describe how awful the experience is. It feels like a bandwagon of hate and sometimes I find myself disagreeing completely. This is not one of those times. Movie 43 is really, really bad. It’s one thing to be a comedy lacking laughs, but when the creators couldn’t even be bothered to pull together a narrative, instead opting for a pile of sketches, that is truly lazy. You, creators of Movie 43, may think your collection of skits is refreshing and fun, but please, keep it out of the movie theater and put it back on YouTube where it belongs. There was one sketch in Movie 43 that I enjoyed. That’s... Read Review

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