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A brother in a plot to save his sister from dark forces... or what it seems to be... Motte Island is a horror-themed game. Considering that it is a top-down camera game, the horror genre of it makes it very rare.

Motte Island Review

In horror games, there is a delicate balance between agency and threat which must be maintained in order for the experience to stay scary. If the player becomes too powerful, no amount of bumps in the night will get a jump out of them, because they’ll be confident they can blast anything away. If the player is unswervingly weak, then they are forced to flee from combat, which, if the game is without other elements (puzzles, exploration, point-and-click adventuring, etc.), becomes boring. Interestingly, Motte Island, the breakout title from One Aperture Games, is flavored with both, but succeeds at neither. Motte Island starts out strong; you get dessert first. Introductions are the game’s strong suit, particularly in the case of its unorthodox protagonist. You play as... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Motte Island.