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The most significant addition to MotoGP 3 is a brand new Extreme mode that extends the playing experience even further for gamers. Reflecting the current passion for TT-style street racing, this exciting game mode consists of sixteen new city and suburban tracks. Based on actual race locations from around the world, such as the neon-lit streets of Japan and the country roads around Donington UK, these thrilling new tracks offer a unique, demanding and adrenaline-charged challenge that race fans will love. As well as the new tracks, gamers also have a richer choice of bikes thanks to the addition of sixteen original motorcycles. Modelled on real world bikes, these exclusive two-wheelers range in power from 600cc racers to 1200cc superbikes.

MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 3 Cheats

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Unlock Xbox 360PC
Enter the following at the main menu: D-pad Left, D-pad Up, D-pad Left, D-pad Left, B, D-pad Up, D-pad Left, D-pad Left, B, Y, D-pad Down, D-pad Up, B