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Media: MotoGP 08 Screens

I've never been a fan of the MotoGP series, but these latest screens have definitely caught my attention. The graphical detail looks absolutely phenomenal. Keep impressing us, Capcom. Read More


More Capcom Wii Ports on the Way?

New Capcom*Unity user John has made a tremendous splash across the interwebs with his first post on the company's forums, wherein he laments the "shaft" Wii owners are getting from the house of Mega Man and Street Fighter: Capcom, I'm really pissed right now. I want to play these games, but you give us Wii owners the shaft. No RE5 Wii, possibly no Dead Rising 2, no Lost Planet, no Flock, no Age of Booty, No Street Fighter 4, no Devil May Cry, no Dark Void. Instead we get Ports/Spin-offs, a potty mouth game (Spyborgs), We Love Golf (Bad swing mechanics), Neopets (Do I need to say anymore about that one), and Zack and Wiki(I'm in no way bad mouthing this game, it's great). -- John In addition, he despairs over the absence of Bionic Commando in any form (understandable), and questions Moto GP's state as well, before receiving an answer from on high, which you can see after the cut. Read More