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Set 35 years before the action chronicled in the Monster Rancher TV series that had a brief run on Fox Family, Monster Rancher Explorer is a puzzle-platform game set in a mysterious tower. To ascend from one room to the next, you must retrieve a key and reach the exit by placing and destroying crates and eluding or defeating monsters.

Monster Rancher ExplorerC Cheats

Worm Hatching

Unlock PC
To hatch your worm into a random/worm just raise your worm as you normaly would and when its 3 years old make sure it's very well the week of the official june tournament. If done correctly after Holly tells you about the tournament the screen will go black and then there will be a large cocoon in the center of the screen. Tips: To get what you want, save on the 3rd week of June and keep hatching until you get what you want. Also work out on the traits that your worm is good at(a rock worm gains power easily so work on that)so your monster is really fast, strong, smart, etc. Have fun, I've gotten a lot of good monsters this way.

Secret Song

Unlock PC
Put the CD in your CD player. Skip to track 2 and play it. You will be rewarded with some extremely bizarre music.


Unlock Nintendo DS
After breeding an ape monster, you can put in a Billy Joel greatest Hits CD and you will get , a monster with excellent stats.

Scribble, Sketch and Doodle

Unlock Playstation Portable
To get a Scribble, breed a pure Monol and get it's fame above 80. Now enter a lower class tournament and drop your fame below 65. After the tournament your monster will be covered with grafitti. To produce a Doodle, breed a Scribble with another Monol. To get a Sketch, combine a Scribble with any other monster.

Ape Monster

Unlock Playstation 2
To get the ape you need a magic banana which can be found in an adventure with Karn in the jungle. In the jungle, look for the place where the kings once lived. Have your monster check it out and eventually you'll find the banana. Once you have it you now need to have two spoiled monsters. The easiest way to spoil them is give them meat each month and let them rest all month. After you've spoiled two of them, freeze them both, the combine them with the magic banana. It will say the combination will create an Asfar or a Boxer, but because of the magic banana it will create an ape. Be warned: this monster is extremely lazy.

Nya Monster

Unlock Xbox 360
This is pretty simple to do. You just have to get to about the year 1026, checking the items shop periodically to get him to reveal his new items to you. The sixth or seventh new item he will get is called the cat doll. buy one for 1000G and use that when breeding any two monsters. You will receive the coveted Nya monster.

Henger Monster

Unlock Xbox 360
To get HENGER you need to find the 5 DOLL PIECES during the DESERT EXPEDITION. Next,get your monster to A class and you will be invited to the WINTER INVITATIONAL with the DOLL HEAD as the prize. After you win, Tesca will put the 5 pieces together for you and give you the CLAY DOLL. he explains that you need to take an intelligent creature (550-999), along with the CLAY DOLL, to the previously unreadable STONE TABLET in the DESERT EXPEDITION. After reading the TABLET, that monster will have a circular mark on his back. combine that creature, along with any other one and use the CLAY DOLL. HENGER has high STR, SKI, SPD, INT and lives for 6-9 years.


Unlock Playstation 3
To get a ghost have to let a monster die. It works best if it has a evil origon (Evil Hare, Monol, ect.) and if it raised crully. Get it to class C and kill it. Get a new monster (If you use a monster that has been frozen it will not work!) Enter the new monster in a FIMBA tornement (save week before.) At the end of the tornement(it donsen't matter if you win or loose.) If you get lucky after you choose what you want to feed him Holly will freak out. This means he is cursed. Since there is only 1/16 (some people say 1/6) chance of this happening if it diddn't just reset loaded game and try agian. It will work it is random if it will be cursed. Once you get a cursed monster combine it with any monster and get a ghost.

Dragon Monster

Unlock PC
Work your way up to B class. There is a battle called the Trial Cup in the 4th week of April. There is a dragon at this match. Defeat that dragon and get up to A class as fast as you can. When you get there you should sometime get invited to the August invitational. It is the 4th week of August. Defeat the black dragon in that and recieve the DRAGON TUSK as your prize. Breed the DRAGON TUSK with the DINO-NAGA and NAGA-DINO to get the .
It's very hard to fight when your monster's loyalty level is low, but you can easily increase it. Simply take your monster back and forth between the Town and Ranch and check your monster's data at each stop. Every time you return to the Ranch, your monster's loyalty should increase by 5!


Unlock PC
To get the ultimate monster you must be a master breeder. When you are about to breed a new monster, insert the PSX game "Tecmo's Deception" to create a secret character called Ardebaren.


Unlock PC
You can get a zombie from the Spawn soundtrack, but you'll need the committee's permission.

Milky Way Monster

Unlock Playstation 3
To get the monster Milky Way you need the computer demo disk from issue #36 of Next Generation magazine. This should give you a monster named Milky Way with its main part Gali and its sub part ???(unknown).

Committee Permission

Unlock Playstation 3
To get the committee's permission to breed a special monster you must first obtain one of the pure monsters that make it up.

Magic Monster

Unlock Nintendo DS
First you must find a pure Gali and a pure Monol then combine the two and add the item Old Mirror (which you can get on an expedition with Karn.) The lab man will say this is a bad combination, but go ahead with it. After they are combined, you will get the Magic monster.