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Zack, Carrie, Andy, and Jennifer were all looking forward to a party when Zack's parents left town for vacation. Unfortunately, some uninvited guests soon arrived..." 4-Player Cooperative Online Action Mix local & online players as you try to survive the Monster's invasion. Each player character has unique items and affects how the story plays out. 3D Top-Down Shooting Aim in any direction, including up and down. Hordes of Monsters attack you from all sides, but you can also utilize quick dodge-moves to avoid them! Customize Your Weapons Acquire Weapon Parts by defeating enemies and exploring your environments, and then use these parts to Build more powerful weapons and Upgrade the ones that you have. Carry these customized Weapons between games, and find rare Weapon Parts at the greater difficulty levels to build the Ultimate Weapons! Drive Vehicles Find abandoned Vehicles, outfit them with deadly weapons, and ride in them to overpower your foot-bound foes. Save the Town Fight your way through 5 unique environments, such as "Suburban Nightmare", "High School Hell", and "The Shopping Maul", each with deranged Boss Monsters. Take back your turf from these evil fiends (and maybe impress your girlfiend while you're at it)!

Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia Cheats


Andy's Surfing Costume Receive a Grade (any grade) on Every Level on Child's Play Difficulty
Carrie's Ninja Costume Obtain all Level 3 Weapons for Carrie
Carrie's Valley Girl Costume Receive any grade on every level on Horror Difficulty
Jennifer's Nurse Costume Upgrade all of Jennifer's Weapons to Level 3.
Zack's Deathgame Costume Receive any grade on every level on Thriller Difficulty



In the cheats menu...

Animal Sounds patrickdugan
Arrows show where weapon parts are WeaponPartTesting
Blurry creen affect Spielberg
Disable special tracking cameras ihatefunkycameras
empty fired shells stay in the air GearsFTW
Everyone has low pitch voices TalkDirtyToMe
Everything is BLue and orange TitleTown
Everything is red NotQuiteTitleTown
everything is reversed MirrorMirror
everything is White TokenInverse
Faster Music upthejoltcola
First Person/Headless MorgyTheMole
Increase the Size of Jennifer's Chest ArieannDeFazioWithFlair
increased vehicle firepower AndyGomez
Infinite Chainsaw CliffyBFTW
Infinite Secondary Items stevebrooks
infinite specialty melee attack JenniferSweeney
Invincibility TimSweeneyHealth13
Monsters explode when they die Willy
Monsters have more health Legendary
No monsters UnrealEngine3
Push Objects Away from Player SouthPeak
Remove Film Grain reverb
Slow Motion ZombiesHaveEatenMyNeighbors
Slow motion when you're hitting a monster StreetFighter
Slower framerate GimmeFramerate
Squeaky Voices chipmunks
Super fast movement and firespeed MonsterHunter
Super Jump Armstrong
upside down screen TopsyTurvy

Pause the game...

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.