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PS3 Memory Limitation Makes Development Difficult

PS3 Memory Limitation Makes Development Difficult

No, not talking about hard drive storage capacity here, obviously, but the 256MB within the system. While the article makes no reference to the exact set of memory onboard to which it refers, I'll assume it's relating to the GPU and not the system's RAM. RAM is rocking out at a solid 512MB, while the GPU gets 256MB. The Xbox, in case your curious, splits its share of 512MB between the GPU and system RAM....I think. Lee Perez, Producer of Monster Madness, spoke to about Sony's console and the challenges it brings to the table. Here's what Perez had to say: The biggest thing is the memory. The PS3 only has 256 megs of memory. The 360 has 512 so you have twice the memory when you load a level. Now the offset to that is the Cell processor, so if you understand and your engine can understand how to use the multiple cores in tandem you can offset that. Theoretically you can do a lot more, especially if you have a lot of physics objects because it's very math intensive, not memory intensive. So finding that sweet spot where your game does well in both and it takes advantage of its individual skills is tough. Read on after the break as Perez compares the PS3 to the 360... Read More

kombo Jun 16, 2008 | Comments
SouthPeak Gives Monster Madness Another Go

SouthPeak Gives Monster Madness Another Go

Though a throwback to cult-favorite Zombies Ate My Neighbors from the days of 16-bit, last year's Monster Madnes: Battle for Suburbia didn't seem to stoke the same fires of passion that the brainchild of LucasArts and Konami had originally ignited, cited as having "sordid" gameplay and "barely servicable" controls which all lead to a quick release which was just as quickly forgotten. Fast-forward to 2008, and the folks at SouthPeak and Artificial Studios are at it again, this time with Monster Madness: Grave Danger, which is due to land on PlayStation 3 in the second quarter and bringing with it "new and improved features." The new game seems to be starting again from the ground up, developed now by Psyonix Studios with player feedback leading to a promise that "every Zombie, Werewolf and Vampire has been recalled to square one." In addition, tighter controls, updated graphics, and "completely revamped" camera angles are said to be in play, along with new costumes and multiplayer modes, including co-op in the story mode. Read More

kombo Feb 7, 2008 | Comments