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  • Release Date(s): Apr 09, 2014
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Capture wild Monsters and evolve them into epic new forms! Train your Monsters to endure battle with friend and foe, and defeat the Evil Lord Ardur! Explore treacherous dungeons and solve testing puzzles in extraordinary locations, filled with endless challenges!

Monster Legacy (iOS) Review

As far as mobile games are concerned, Monster Legacy is really pretty and quite addictive. There's more than 100 unique monster to capture and use in combat, battles and quests to evolve your monsters, base building, special moves, and multiple currencies. It's a fun dungeon crawler with vibrant visuals that is well-fitted for short periods of pay. That said, if you really want to advance, you're going to have to pay real-life money -- as is the case with many free-to-play mobile games. The concept is simple yet addicting. The player explores dungeons around the world of Arborea. Along the way, you capture and train a bunch of different monsters to help you defeat the Evil Lord Ardur. As monsters evolve, you get new forms for them and powerful attacks. You even... Read Review

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