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Top 5 PSP RPGs

The PSP has - despite what some people insist - a seriously impressive library of great titles, especially RPGs. In fact, you could argue that the ha Read More


Capcom PSP Download Games Dated

Capcom announced last Friday, then recently pulled and reconfirmed that within the next month, the last four of its PSP games will be available on the Playstation Store in North America. Their other promised games are still nowhere in sight. Of the nearly 100 PSP games released for download coinciding with the PSPGo launch, Capcom was one of the main companies from whom a lot of games were missing. Currently, Capcom has some games on the store like Ultimate Ghosts n' Goblins, Power Stone Collection, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, and their classics collections. According to Capcom's pulled blog post, the October 8th Playstation Store update will include Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Dark Tower. Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max and Capcom Puzzle World were dated for the 15th and 22nd respectively. Capcom seems to be saving two of the most wanted games – Mega Man Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X, for last, pinning them at October 29th and November 5th respectively. Read More


Capcom@Comic Con: Ace Attorney Investigations Release Date, Fate/unlimited codes, and Monster Hunter

Some good news has arrived from Capcom at Comic Con today, especially for fans of everyone's favorite Perfect Prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth. His game, Ace Attorney Investigations, which had been previously announced for a U.S. release early next year, now has an official release date of February 16, 2010. However, those in attendance at SDCC will have the opportunity to play the game first. Elsewhere in their booth, PlayStation Portable owners can check out a playable version of the upcoming Fate/unlimited codes fighting game and download eight free quests for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. However, Capcom warns that only six quests will fit on a memory stick, so players hoping to experience it all should bring an extra stick or a PSP-toting friend with a copy of the game. "There's a little bit of something for everyone amongst the quests offered with 4 of the quests suited for beginners and the other 4 catering to more experienced players," they state in their press release. Read More


Capcom Sounds Off Support for PlayStation 3

Following last week's news of Activision considering halting support for the PS3, many questions have been posed if the developer would actually go through with the move or if it was just posturing. The news also stirred up questions about other developers who work with the PS3, and if they were the only ones who felt this way. After a question was put to Capcom on the PlayStation Blog about whether they felt the same way and would pull development, it seems that Activision may be on its own. Community Manager Shawn Baxter replied to the question by saying, "I don't see that happening. Monster Hunter has sold over 8.5 million on the PSP worldwide." Even though Activision's move was seen as a bluff to many, the subject has developers talking on where they stand with the PS3. Capcom doesn't seem to making any bold statements about pulling support for the PS3 anytime soon, or at all for that matter. Which developer will be next to sound off about where they stand on Sony? Read More


Media: Japanese Monster Hunter Trailer and Encyclopedia Gigantica

Before Monster Hunter Freedom Unite lands on American Wiis June 23rd, Capcom invites you to look through the Encyclopedia Gigantica, "a huge online resource packed full of information about the upcoming Monster Hunter Freedom Unite game, including a quick start guide for rookie hunters, overviews of the quests you will face, a bestiary and data on the extensive range of weapons and armor available." The encyclopedia, said to be an "indispensable resource" for veterans and newcomers alike, was compiled by the "top four Japanese Monster Hunters in the world," however that works, who "have hundreds of years of experience hunting down some of the world's most ferocious and challenging beasts" between the four of them. The following trailer has been released to make eager Hunters salivate: ...and more will be on the way to the Encyclopedia Gigantica soon. Read More