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Nintendo also touched on the game's new mechanics including the introduction of more vertical and lateral movement which will expand the range of players actions, creating more fluid and dynamic experiences.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review

When Capcom's not hard at work at the next Resident Evil experience, of which the latest one was pretty fantastic, they're continually reworking and upgrading their Monster Hunter formula. And while we don't necessarily get every single Monster Hunter release here in the West, we do tend to get the better, Director's Cut versions of it. The latest entry is no different, with the small exception that it is no longer gracing Nintendo's HD hardware, the Wii U, but rather only appearing on the Nintendo 3DS. So it it worth taking the plunge once more, even if you've already invested hundreds of hours into the previous game? Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate certainly starts off with a much bigger focus on narrative, as you're thrust onto a moving caravan that's... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.