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In Monster Hunter, creatures from all walks of life coexist with mankind. The struggle to hunt or be hunted rules the world. As monster hunters, players will face a variety of quests and battle against powerful beasts either alone or with the aid of others. Players begin by creating and customizing their very own character, selecting the type of hair, face, voice, and other various features they want their monster hunter to possess. Monster Hunter unfolds as expeditions are revealed and players are given the option to choose between the wide ranges of challenging assignments they would like to undertake. Objectives vary from defeating specific beasts, protecting a town or collecting items. Hunters are richly rewarded for every accomplished objective or efforts put forth during battle, allowing them upgrade weapons and equipment. The world continues to expand as difficult missions are successfully accomplished.

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Platforms: Nintendo 3DS Publisher: Capcom Developer: Capcom Introduction The Monster Hunter franchise never had a meteoric rise in the United States. Of course, there certainly exists a hardcore and dedicated user base that's been there ever since the PSP titles forced gamers to use the "claw" grip style to play the game effectively, but the series never really took off until quite recently. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was a great first step, and even though it limited its players strictly to the 3DS and Wii U, it didn't seem to matter. It's follow-up, which I still regard as one of the best Monster Hunter games to date introduced a bunch of new improvements, broadened its appeal, and once again the numbers proved that there is indeed a... Read Review

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