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Monopoly News


Monopoly Classic (iPad)

When Microsoft announced their Surface device, one of the first applications people anticipated was for tabletop board games. Unfortunately, that dev Read More

Ben PerLee Dec 14, 2010 | Comments
Sony Still in Denial Regarding PSP 2 Leak

Sony Still in Denial Regarding PSP 2 Leak

It's almost like it's trying to tell us something By now, everybody on the entire internet must have heard that the PSP 2 exists, it's in the hands of developers, and it "looks like it's a pretty powerful machine," according to Mortal Kombat developer Netherrealm Studios. For some reason, though, Sony still refuses to comment. We've been expecting the successor to Sony's perpetual silver medalist handheld for a while, though when it failed to make an appearance at E3, a lot of people probably stopped caring. And Sony still won't talk about the PSP 2. How long will it be before we all lose interest? Keep reading after the break. Read More

kombo Sep 17, 2010 | Comments