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MLB 2K13 delivers hours of baseball action for any level of sports fan or gamer. Achieve perfection on the mount using the signature right analog pitching controls. Featuring real life commentary and statistics of MLB Today, you can enjoy the authentic baseball environment on your home console.

MLB 2K13 Review

Everyone has at some point of their lives known a married couple that shouldn’t be together. Like, they’ve been together for a while, but the spark is gone and the two are just empty shells of their former selves. Yet they go through the motions, staying together for the sake of the kids while they sleep in separate bedrooms. Divorce has been thrown around a few times – and they might have even split up at one point – but then, miraculously, they were together again, acting as if nothing had ever happened. But they’re not fooling anyone. Everyone knows that they’d be better off if they were divorced, rather than carrying on the charade. And that’s what MLB 2K13 is – a marriage that just needs to end. There was a time when the... Read Review

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    The Final Countdown: MLB 2K13

    Lance Liebl Feb 26, 2013