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MLB 13 The Show is the latest installment of the number-one selling and rated Major League Baseball video game franchise. The Show offers an All-New Playoff Mode, which includes an in-stadium atmosphere that replicates the excitement and tension of October baseball. The experience is unrivalled by anything The Show has ever exhibited. Other new features include a completely new beginner mode and instructional enhancements that make The Show the best pick-up and play baseball experience available. In addition, the improved Play Now mode streamlines gameplay, for faster and simpler games. San Diego Studios has also revamped The Show’s Franchise and Road To The Show modes with expanded options and new gameplay experiences.

MLB 13 The Show Review

Annualization is a tricky thing when it comes to video games. More often than not, gamer fatigue sets in. Ideas and mechanics that were once new and fresh begin to feel stale and dated. For sports video games, this is especially hard to overcome due to the fact that there must be a new title every year because, well, the sports world doesn't stop. Somehow, though, Sony has managed to rise to the challenge, year in and year out, with MLB The Show. For four straight years, MLB The Show has been the highest-rated sports video game, though last year's installment was a minor letdown in terms of what we've come to expect from the franchise. Gamer fatigue, or just a few decisions that didn't necessarily pan out? When you look at a game that follows the yearly... Read Review

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