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MLB 11: The Show is a lot like a sports RPG. It's a tough game, even on its lowest difficulty setting, and it requires players to start from the bottom and work their way up through the difficulties and modes. This especially holds true if you're new to the series. The developers have crafted a well-rounded baseball simulator that isn't to be taken lightly. Do so, and you'll fall victim to... Read Review

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The Comic Of Your Playthrough Of The Game Of The Film Of The Book

So many games these days purport to offer "choice". The opportunity to "play the way you want". The chance to "be good or evil". Many attempt to make us believe that the choices we make will have a significant effect on the eventual outcome of the narrative. In some cases, this actually happens. Other times, it simply affects a few minor scenes throughout the game. But in games where this possibility is offered, one thing is usually constant. The desire to talk about "your playthrough" with anyone else who is interested. And in some cases, people who aren't interested and find themselves backing away slowly. Wouldn't it be cool if there could be some sort of permanent record of how players beat a game? And this doesn't mean a clear game file ready to import into the sequel. An actual, physical thing. Like a book. Some clever people have had the same idea. Find out more after the jump. Read More


HBO Coming to the PS3

First it was Netflix, then it was the MLB. Now? Now PS3 owners will be able to watch shows like True Blood on their PS3s. Sony has just announced a deal with HBO to bring HBO content to their console. Each episode will run users $2.99, a price that places HBO shows generally $2 more expensive than the rest of the series available. This, however, is in line with the HBO pricing model. Make the goods more expensive, they suddenly become a more desired item. The same can be said for HBO shows on DVD and Blu-Ray, which typically check-in as the most expensive TV content out there. Hit the break for more details... Read More


PSP Summer Games

Summer has now begun and gaming is usually the last thing on people's minds as the weather becomes nicer, warmer, and school is... Read More