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MLB 10 The Show is also building upon an already stellar reputation for immersion and unparalleled delivery of the baseball experience. With several new key features and enhancements to the critically acclaimed title, MLB 10 The Show is poised to continue the franchise's reign as the premier MLB licensed game on any platform. For fans who want to take The Show on the go, MLB 10 The Show for the PSP and PSPgo systems delivers big baseball action in the palm of your hand by utilizing core gameplay features found on the PS3 system version.

MLB 10 The Show Review

(To quote a familiar broadcast-baseball call) "It might be, it could be, it is!!!" SCEA has swung for the fences with the latest iteration of MLB The Show and planted the pitch solidly in the bleachers. When the foundations are solid, there is not much else to do but build upwards. That was probably the mantra the SCEA San Diego dev team was reciting when creating MLB 10: The Show. After all, the game is the 10th iteration of the franchise, with a short development time. But that doesn’t mean there are not changes. Actually, No. 10 has some nice features added into the mix, and it has been graphically enhanced to create a more vibrant and compelling baseball game. (It needs to be noted that this review was based on a debug, or test kit, review code of the game, which... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for MLB 10 The Show.