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MLB 10 The Show Review

(To quote a familiar broadcast-baseball call) "It might be, it could be, it is!!!" SCEA has swung for the fences with the latest iteration of MLB The Show and planted the pitch solidly in the bleachers. When the foundations are solid, there is not much else to do but build upwards. That was probably the mantra the SCEA San Diego dev team was reciting when creating MLB 10: The Show.... Read Review

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Sony Hesitant About 3D Gaming

Sony Hesitant About 3D Gaming

Immersion is arguably the most important factor of a video game, and Sony has shown immersion is important to them with their surprise hit Heavy Rain. However, Sony is raising the bar in another way. During GDC Ian Bickerstaff, senior engineer of Sony Computer Entertainment's UK-based stereoscopic 3D team, verbalized Sony's "safe" stance on 3D gaming. Read more after the break, the words jump right off the page! Read More

kombo Mar 17, 2010 | Comments