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Execute a devastating counterattack against a massive alien invasion in this all-new edition of Missile Command. There are two heart-pounding ways to play. In the Classic game, you have to defend cities from a shower of alien missiles. And just like the original game, the longer you play, the more missiles you must destroy. In the Ultimate game, you battle aliens city by city around the world in an ever widening theater of war. Turn back the alien invasion and save the Earth!

Missile Command Cheats

Programmer credit

Unlock PC
Select game 13 and allow the incoming missiles to reach your cities, and fire all your missiles without scoring any points. The city on the right side will turn into "RF", the initials of programmer Rob Fulop.

Extra points

Unlock PC
Aim and fire three missiles at the highest part of the screen when game play first begins. Press Reset before the missiles explode. The missiles will remain in view and a varying number points will be added to your score after they explode.
Start a new game and start pressing Select while some missiles are shooting down. The missiles will keep flying as you cycle through the game variations.

Free Points

Unlock Playstation 2PC
When the game first begins, fire three missiles at the top part of the screen (the highest the cursor will go). Then, RESET the game before the missiles explode. You'll still see the missiles, and when they explode you may get some free points. Sometimes it takes a few tries, but once in a great while you get a jackpot of points (I think my highest cheat was around 1200 points on a Level 1 game).

Rapid Fire

Unlock PC
Keep hitting the fire button to shoot up to 8 missiles.

Game Shark Codes

Unlock PC
*NoteL You must have a 2.1 or higher version of the Game Shark. Only Game Boy Color. Infinite Missiles Left Side 010F94C0 Infinite Missiles Right Side 010F95C0


Unlock PC
Select game 13. Let missiles rain on all your cities and waste all your missiles without scoring any points. The rubble of the rightmost city will change to "RF", the programmer's initials (Rob Fulop)