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  • Available on Wii
  • Publisher(s): Zoo Games
  • Release Date(s): Nov 02, 2010
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RUSE Review

RUSE Review

Each battle is fought hard, each war hard fought, but the most difficult thought to accept is that to stand among the proud and free, lives must be lost. Such is the case in the often told stories of World War II, as many a sacrifice was made so that the rest of us may live as we do. R.U.S.E. puts the player in the shoes of a new army commander as he does his part to help the allies push the Nazi's back to Germany. While there are sure to be plenty of tanks, planes and infantry to assist in doing so, this game gives you access to the most important weapon of all: deception. This is what R.U.S.E. is based upon, and what separates it from the rest of the crowd. It's hard to believe that such a focus has been passed over for so long, because proper planning is one of the most important aspects of battle. Fortunately, R.U.S.E. succeeds in creating an entertaining experience based around confusing an opponent... or at the very least it has a clever guise to trick you into long sessions of play. It's one or the other. To start off, R.U.S.E. is a slower paced game then most RTS titles. One that is less reliant on the commander’s actions per minute and more so on planning the right balance of attacking, defending, and using special abilities (RUSEs) appropriately. It brings a whole new method of warfare into the RTS genre in the art of deception. The majority of the special abilities in this title are made to trick the opponent into believing what the player wants them to, all the while hiding the true plans until the troops are ready to strike. There are a bunch to choose from and favourites will quickly be developed, though to be truly successful it is a good idea to use all of them when appropriate. From spying on enemies or initiating radio silence to prevent opponents from seeing friendly units, to messing with enemy frequencies so they confuse small units with large ones and vise versa. There is sure to be one R.U.S.E. that puts a smirk on the face of its user, because messing with an opponent's head is just as fun as messing up their tank squad with a bombing run. Read More

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